A fond Brussels au revoir

5 Distance Options

Walk, Jog, or Run

Anywhere, Anytime in January

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.. Kick start your 2021 fitness regime

Wherever you stood on the debate, January marks a change in the UK’s relationship with our Euro neighbours, and is also a great opportunity to start your 2021 fitness & activity regime – and to say a fond farewell, au revoir, or auf wiedersehen to Brussels as we head out for a new challenge. There’re 5 route options to exit Euroland’s capital – from the short 100 km hop to the wonderful city of Bruges – maybe the best reason to stay in Belgium, the strenuous 400 km if you’re determined to get back to London (subject to tunnel & ferry), to the challenging 500 km down to Eurocity no.2 in Strasbourg – following in the footsteps of the EU Parliament.


Choose your Challenge – take it on anywhere, anytime throughout January – including treadmills – log your activity on our ‘Euroland Virtual Map’ – and share your progress online as we all head off to wherever! There’s a prize draw for all completing their challenge by the month end – with £600 of kit vouchers to be won. So get those walking boots or running shoes out – and start the New Year as we mean to go on – with an Ultra active 2021. 

How it works...

Track your progress online

Once you’ve signed up to your chosen distance, you can either ‘link’ up to our Euro Challenge Map with Strava (so your activities will automatically feed through to our online map) OR you can add activity distances manually (so each time it’s logged you’ll progress along your exit route on the map – along with other participants). You have all January to complete your Euro Challenge, and can join up to 15th Jan.

Choose your Challenge...

5 Euro Route Options

Walk, Jog, or Run – Anywhere, Anytime

belgium (1)

Brussels to Bruges

100 km

Perhaps you want to ease into your 2021 fitness regime – or maybe not venture too far from the Euro’s heart. Bruges is a great city to visit!


Brussels to Cologne

200 km

Head east towards the centre of Europe with a solid 200 km to a strategic 2,000 year old city that spans the mighty River Rhine. 


Brussels to Paris

300 km

The finest city in the world in the eyes of many. Head SW for an energetic 300 km – the time will be well spent and the food magnificent!


Brussels to London

400 km

A popular choice for many, but not the ideal choice for others! 400 km – and a tough start to 2021, but hopefully well worth it. 

european-union (1)

Brussels to Strasbourg

500 km

Up for a challenge? Head south like the EU Parliament’s monthly strange  migration down to Eurocity 2. A warm welcome awaits!

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Below is the cost of entry & inclusions. Please note we can only send Medals & Buffs to a UK address. Registration is open until 15th January. Free Prize Draw entry if you complete your challenge – £600 of kit vouchers must be won!

Fundraise for Charity

Our 2020 Virtual Challenges raised over £150,000 for UK Charities*, and we’re hoping the Euro Virtual Challenge will raise another £20,000 for the Ultra Challenge Series Partners. 

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* Source Just Giving Dec’20.

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Post your pictures throughout the month, share your story & journey and meet others taking on the challenge! 

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