How to Join

Support a Charity
.. or just Self Fund

Take on an Ultra Challenge as individual or as a team. There are 3 sign-up options – depending on how you wish to pay or to fund-raise for a charity of your choice. Check out what’s the best option for you before heading to the online registration form and you can book now with our ‘Covid Confidence’ promise.

Sign Up Online...

Sign up via our online form, and pay the appropriate Registration Fee. You'll receive a confirmation email with important details and access to your Challenge App, with the resources to help you prepare. If you choose one of the fundraising options we'll confirm that with the charity you've selected, and they will be in contact to welcome you within 7 - 10 days.

Choose how you want to join the Challenge – register via that option and its associated online form. Then enter your personal details.


  • Option 1 – Self Funding 
  • Option 2 – Charity Sponsorship
  • Option 3 – Mixed Funding

Confirm the distance you wish to take on. You’ll need to chose an hourly start time window (actual start times are confirmed 4 weeks prior to the event).

Everyone needs to register as we require personal details & declarations, but within the form you can choose to ‘Create’ or ‘Join’ a Team. Teams can be of any size – members can opt for the same or different funding options, charities, or distances.


  • Create a team – you become the Team Captain. You need a Team Name, and a Password for others to join. Then invite members to join you!
  • Others then join the Team as they register, by searching for the Team Name and using the Password

If you’re fundraising you’ll confirm which charity you’re supporting via a drop down menu. Be careful to pick the correct one. Your confirmation email details how to set up an online JustGiving page for sponsorship donations.


If you’re a Team of 4 or more, with all on the ‘Sponsorship For Charity’ Option for the same charity & the same distance – there’s an ‘Exclusive Charity Team‘ deal with lower reg fees & targets.

All sponsorship goes direct to the Charity via your online JustGiving page. At least 50% of the sponsorship target should be with the Charity by 3 weeks prior to the Challenge. At this time the Charity pays a Fee for your place to the Organiser (similar to the Self Funding cost – or half of it for Mixed Funding as you’ve already covered half). Failure to meet the deadline may result in cancellation by your charity. The remaining 50%, and any extra, should be with your Charity by 4 weeks after the Challenge.

Check out our ‘Early Bird Deals‘ as there’s great deals for everyone – whether you’re new to Ultra Challenges – you Transferred from a Covid cancelled 2020 event – or you’re a Past Participant from other years.

Best value, if you’re up for a few challenges, is always our ‘Multi Deals‘ – including the Tri-Challenge option if you want to step up the distance over 3 events, finishing your season with a full 100 km!


Sign Up for ONLY £1 and fundraise for a Charity*

OR - Self Fund 1 Event & get up to £20 OFF*

Book 2 Events (or bring a friend) - Extra £50 OFF*


Sign up before 14 March 2021, and whether you take on a Challenge and support a charity - or 'Self Fund' and just go for it - there're discounts on all distance options.

If you sign up & 'Self Fund' (or you're already signed up to a 2021 Challenge as a self funder) and want to bring a friend along, or to take on another Challenge yourself - there's up to £50 OFF that 2nd place!

  • The ‘Charity Sponsorship’ option – now with only £1 Registration Fee for any distance option – and then you fundraise for a Charity of your choice. 
  • Use code NYCHARITY at Checkout to get your discount.
  • No other discounts can be used with this deal, and it doesn’t entitle a participant to a discount for a 2nd place / 2nd Event.
  • Sign up for a Challenge with the ‘Self Fund’ option and it’s up to £20 OFF the normal Registration Fee. Use the correct code at checkout:
  • Full Challenge (~100 km) use code NYSELF100Save £20.
  • Half Challenge (~50 km) use code NYSELF50Save £10.
  • Quarter Challenge (~25 km) use code NYSELF25Save £5.
  • No other discounts can be used with this deal.
  • You’ll also be entitled to an extra discount to bring a friend with you, or for you to take on a 2nd Challenge (same or different distance). See below for details.
  • Sign up to a Challenge as a ‘Self Funder’ and you’re then entitled to an Extra Discount for a 2nd place if a friend is joining you (same challenge / same distance).
  • OR it’s a discount for yourself to take on a 2nd 2021 Challenge (of the same or a different distance)
  • Save £50 OFF 2nd Full Challenge (100 km)
  • Save £25 OFF 2nd Half Challenge (50 km)
  • Save £12.50 OFF 2nd Quarter Challenge (25 km) 
  • Discount Codes for signing up for 2nd Place / Event are distributed by e mail. Details are in the e mail you’ll receive when registering for your 1st Event.  
  • If you’d already signed up before 25 Dec’20 you are still entitled to claim an Extra Discount on a 2nd Place / 2nd Event. See below for details – and conditions & exclusions apply.
  • If you signed up to a 2021 Challenge as a ‘Self Funder’ before 25 Dec 20, OR ‘transferred’ from a cancelled 2020 event – you’re entitled to the discount of up to £50 OFF if you want to bring a friend (same challenge / same distance) – OR take on a 2nd Challenge yourself (any distance).
  • Save £50 OFF 2nd Full Challenge (100 km).
  • Save £25 OFF 2nd Half Challenge (50 km)
  • Save £12.50 OFF 2nd Quarter Challenge (25 km) 
  • To claim your discount code – visit the ‘Deals & Discounts’ Page on this website  – and fill in the short form – and we’ll e mail the code back to you.
  • NOTE – If you are already signed up to 2 events (or more) – our ‘MULTI DEAL’ option is always the best deal – and you can apply for that retrospectively and we’ll adjust your final payment to make it ‘match’ the correct ‘Multi Deal’ discount.
  • 10% Discount on Charity Mixed Funding Reg Fees (all distances) – and use the code NYMIXED at checkout.
  • No other discount codes can be used in conjunction with any New Year Deal discount code.
  • The London Winter Walk event is excluded from all aspects of the New Year Ultra Deal.
  • For the ‘2nd Place / 2nd Event’ discount – If your original or first Challenge place was subsequently cancelled or transferred by you, the discount granted via this New Year Deal 2nd place would also be cancelled – and the appropriate balance would paying in order to take part in that Challenge as a ‘Self Funder’.
  • Places on the Yorkshire Challenge which have been secured via the ‘Black Friday Buy 1 Get 1 Free Deal’ are excluded from further discounts via this New Year Deal.
  • Action Challenge Ltd reserves the right to cancel any registration if there is misuse of discount codes.   

Deal ends 14 March & Excludes Summer Walk & Halloween

Costs & Fundraising

Select your option from the list below to start the sign up process.

NEW YEAR DEAL - Use codes below in pink if signing up for 1st Challenge

OR - if signing up to 2nd Challenge use code you've been emailed.




Full Challenge

£198 fee paid online &
no fundraising commitment.

NYSELF100 - £20 discount

Half Challenge

£129 fee paid online as &
no fundraising commitment.

NYSELF50 - £10 discount

Quarter Challenge

£79 fee paid online
& no fundraising commitment.

NYSELF25 - £5 discount




Full Challenge

£15 reg fee & at least
£595 charity sponsorship


Half Challenge

£10 reg fee & at least
£395 charity sponsorship


Quarter Challenge

£5 reg fee & at least
£245 charity sponsorship





Full Challenge

£99 reg fee & at least
£299 charity sponsorship

NYMIXED - 10% discount

Half Challenge

£64.50 reg fee & at least
£199 charity sponsorship

NYMIXED - 10% discount

Quarter Challenge

£39.50 reg fee & at least
£119 charity sponsorship

NYMIXED - 10% discount

Choose your Challenge

To sign up  – visit the event ‘Sign Up Now’ page using the quick links below…

Choose your Charity

We’re proud to work with a range of fantastic charities, which will benefit from the £7+ million fundraising in 2021. Our Series Partners are some of the UK’s major national charities, and there’re also regional and local charities as Challenge Partners for each event. Choose to fundraise for a Charity Partner and they’ll provide support to help you reach your target!

or fundraise

Looking to do more than 1 Event?


The Early Bird Deal gives you 30% OFF the price for your 2nd Event. You’ll get a discount code in the confirmation email when you sign up for your 1st Event – use this when you sign up for your 2nd (before 30 Nov 2020 and it’s non-transferable).

Our ‘Multi Deals’ will always offer the best value & the highest Self Funding discounts available. Check them out – the more you do – the more you save!

The ‘Tri-Challenge’ enables you to step up the distance across 2021. Take on a 25 km Challenge first, then a 50 km half on a different Event, and finish your season with an unforgettable Full 100 km Challenge!


Most frequent questions and answers

You will receive a receipt via email, along with a Confirmation Email welcoming you onto the challenge detailing any next steps and timelines you need to be aware of, and letting you know where to find all the information you will need for your challenge. If you don’t receive this within 24 hours, please check your spam/junk mail folders.

Yes you must be 18 or over on the day of the challenge if taking on a Full Challenge, 16+ & accompanied by an adult if taking on a Half Challenge, 14+ & accompanied by an adult if taking on a Quarter Challenge.


Under 18s taking part cannot sign themselves up – they must be signed up by someone over 18.

No – however we have a great New Year deal on which will give you a great saving!

For those who have signed up to the Early Bird Deal – your free tech tshirt will be posted out from mid January 2021. 

  • Yes you can sign up others, but not in the same transaction – you will need to go through the registration questions & payment per person.
  • When signing up on behalf of others, please ensure that the YOUR INFORMATION section is always filled with YOUR information as the account holder (regardless of whether you are personally taking part or not).
  • The next section (PARTICIPANT INFO) asks ‘Who is this registration for?’ and you can then select ‘Someone Else’ and proceed with their details.
  • Where possible, please avoid using the same email address for more than one person.

In the TEAM INFO section (towards the end of the registration questions), you will be asked if you would like to ‘Join a team’ or ‘Create a team’.


If selecting to create a team, you will be asked to create a Team Name and Password. Subsequent team members to register can then select to join a team, and will be asked to provide these details in order to join it.

We ensure that registered teams are assigned the same start wave (where distance/challenge option allows), and your team name will be printed onto your bib.  

There are no restrictions on our regular Flexi-teams – you can be any mixture of charities / distances / funding types (i.e. Self Funding, Charity Sponsorship or Mixed Funding), and can have any number of members (even 1!).


‘Our Charity Team’ is special registration option and is restricted; if you sign up on this option your team must have at least 4 members, all fundraising same charity (and this must be one of our official Series ‘Partners’).

Yes – as long as you are fundraising for the same charity, you can create a team fundraising page on Just Giving (we recommend letting your charity know this is how you will be fundraising together). However, please be advised that the minimum fundraising targets remain per person (not per team), so you will need to reach the combined total fundraising amount on your page for your group. 

If there is a charity you would like to fundraise for that does not appear on our list, we ask that you speak with your preferred Charity about what you would like to, and ask them to register with us via our short contact form which can be found on our website page


Once they’ve registered with us, it will take about 5-7 working days to add them onto our registration forms, and you can then sign up to your chosen challenge in aid of them.


Alternatively you can raise for one of the 500+ charities we are currently already working with, or you can Self Fund your place and raise for them on the side with no commitment. 


Please note: the above is relevant for Charity Sponsorship or Mixed Funding places only. If you are entering as a Self Funder you can fundraise for any charity of your choice (only if you want to) & we do not need to be informed

If you are entering on a Charity Sponsorship or Mixed Funding place then NO – you must select one prime charity for your fundraising. This is because your charity will be paying for a portion of your place on the event (out of the fundraising you generate). If you wish to also fundraise for another charity, you can do so on your own terms but only as long as you reach the minimum target your first/prime charity.


If you join as a Self Funder however, you have complete flexibility on who you fundraise for – with no targets or deadlines, and no cost to those charities.

If you have chosen to fundraise for a charity (from our list), we will pass your details over to them and you can expect to hear from them with a welcome pack within 14 days. If for some reason you do not hear from your charity after this time, please contact them directly.

If we have to cancel your Ultra Challenge due to Covid-19 (such as there is a national lockdown) you will be offered to either transfer your place across to another Ultra Challenge in 2021 or 2022, or receive a full refund for the monies you’ve paid. 

If you have to cancel for any reason, than standard Ts & Cs apply.

All 500+ you can fundraise for

Blue Cross
Cats protection
Compassion in World Farming International
Dogs for Good
Dogs Trust
Humanimal Trust
International Animal Rescue
RSPCA (England and Wales)
Support Dogs
The Shark Trust
Wood Green, The Animals Charity
World Land Trust

Anthony Nolan

Bowel Cancer UK
Brain Tumour Research
Breast Cancer Now
Cancer Research UK
Children wtih Cancer UK
Children’s Cancer and Leukaemia Group
Christie Charity
Genesis Research Trust
Genesis Research Trust
Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust
Kidney Cancer UK
LEAF Charity
Leukaemia UK
Leukaemia UK
Look Good Feel Better
Lymphoma Action
Macmillan Cancer Support
Mesothelioma UK
Myeloma UK
Neuroendocrine Cancer UK
Pancreatic Cancer Action
Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund
Pancreatic Cancer UK
PLANETS Cancer Charity
Prostate Cancer UK
Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation
Sarcoma UK
Target Ovarian Cancer
Teenage Cancer Trust
The Brain Tumour Charity
The Eve Appeal
The Institute of Cancer Research
The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity
The Urology Foundation

Bright Horizons Foundation for Children
Cardiac Risk in the Young
Child Bereavement UK
CHUMS Charity
CLIC Sargent
Dylan’s Quest
Friends of Chiltern Wood School
Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity
Make-A-Wish UK
Mosaic-Supporting Bereaved Children
National Association for Children of Alcoholics (Nacoa)
National Deaf Children’s Society
Prior’s Court Foundation
Prior’s Court Foundation
Railway Children
Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity
Rainbows Hospice for Children and Young People
Rockinghorse Children’s Charity
Ronald McDonald House Charities (UK)
Shooting Star Children’s Hospices
The Brompton Fountain
The Children’s Hospital Charity
The Sarah Groves Foundation
Tiny Tickers
TRIBE Freedom Foundation
Winston’s Wish

Above & Beyond
Acorns Children’s Hospice
Addenbrooke’s Charitable Trust
Addenbrooke’s Charitable Trust
Arthur Rank Hospice Charity
Chestnut Tree House and St Barnabas Hospice
Countess of Brecknock Hospice Trust
Cynthia Spencer Hospice
Demelza Hospice Care for Children
East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices
Farleigh Hospice
Forest Holme Hospice Charity
Haven House Children’s Hospice
Helen & Douglas House
Hospice in the Weald
Isabel Hospice
Julia’s House
Naomi House & Jacksplace
Poole Hospital Charity
Prospect Hospice
Southampton Hospitals Charity

Sue Ryder
St Barnabas House
St Barnabas House
St Christopher’s Hospice
St Lukes Hospice (Basildon & Thurrock)
St Margaret’s Hospice Care
St Peter’s Hospice
St Raphael’s Hospice
St Wilfrid’s Hospice (Eastbourne)
St. Michael’s Hospice (North Hampshire)
Thames Hospice
The Myton Hospices
Woking & Sam Beare Hospice and Wellbeing Care

Action Medical Research
Air Ambulance Kent Surrey Sussex
Alzheimer’s Research UK
Alzheimer’s Society
Ambitious about Autism
Asthma UK
Ataxia UK
Autism East Midlands
Autism Forward Cio
British Heart Foundation
British Liver Trust
British Lung Foundation
British Lung Foundation
British Skin Foundation
Centre for ADHD and Autism Support
Cleft Lip and Palate Assocation
Crohn’s & Colitis UK
Deafblind UK
Dementia UK
Devon Freewheelers
Different Strokes
Down’s Syndrome Associaiton
Duchenne UK
Encephalitis Society
Epilepsy Action
Epilepsy Society
Guillain-Barré & Associated Inflammatory Neuropathies (GAIN)
Hearing Dogs for Deaf People
Huntington’s Disease Association
Imperial Health Charity
JDRF the type 1 diabetes charity
Kent MS Therapy Centre
Kidney Care UK
Kidney Research UK
London’s Air Ambulance
ManKind Initiative
Moorfields Eye Charity
Motor Neurone Disease Association
MS Society
MS Trust
Multiple System Atrophy Trust
Muscular Dystrophy UK
Muscular Dystrophy UK
Nystagmus Network
PAPYRUS Prevention of Young Suicide
Parkinson’s UK
Retina UK
Reverse Rett
Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability
Royal Osteoporosis Society
Sickle Cell Society
Spinal Research
St Marks Hospital Foundation
Stroke Association
SUDEP Action
The Cure Parkinson’s Trust
The Haemophilia Society
The Lily Foundation
The Lullaby Trust
The Maypole Project
The Migraine Trust
The National Brain Appeal
The Sussex Beacon
Thrombosis UK
Thyroid UK
Versus Arthritis
Walk the Walk

CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably)
Cambridgeshire Peterborough and South Lincolnshire (CPSL) Mind
Combat Stress
Cruse Bereavement Care
Dartmoor Centre for Counselling and Psychotherapy
Dorset Mind
Lincolnshire Rural Support Network
Mental Health Foundation
Mental Health Research UK
Mental Health UK
Music for my Mind
Music for my Mind
OCD Action
South East and Central Essex Mind
Sport in Mind

ABF The Soldiers’ Charity
Felix Fund – the bomb disposal charity
Help for Heroes
RAF Association
RBLI – Royal British Legion Industries
RMA – The Royal Marines Charity
Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity
Scotty’s Little Soldiers

ActionAid UK
Médecins Sans Frontières (UK)
New Futures Nepal
Refugee Action
S.A.L.V.E. International
Village Africa

Ascend – Leadership through Athletics
Dartmoor Search and Rescue Team (Ashburton)
Engineering Development Trust (EDT)
Garden House Hospice Care
Girlguiding North West England
UKSAYouth Adventure Trust

Age UK Lambeth
Age UK Medway
Amnesty International UK
Christians Against Poverty (CAP)
East & North Hertfordshire Hospitals’ Charity
Essex & Herts Air Ambulance
Family Fund
National Autistic Society
North London Cares
Pamoja Leo
Red Balloon Foundation
Refugee Support Europe
Restore Hope
Safeline Charity
Solace Women’s Aid
St John Ambulance
Thames Valley Air Ambulance
The Benjamin Foundation
The Early Birth Association
The Ehlers-Danlos Support UK
The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association
WAY Widowed and Young
Women’s Aid Federation England

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