Our 1st Covid Secure Challenge – the Chiltern 50!

Nicola Smith
Nicola Smith

Event Director

After a year of cancellations and uncertainty, it is with great pleasure that we were able to deliver our 1st ‘Covid Secure’ Challenge of 2020, the Chiltern 50 Challenge on the 26th September 2020.

Over the summer months, which saw many returning back to work, the shops, restaurants and the pub – the events industry, and specifically our Ultra Challenges remained ‘on hold’ with local councils, and bodies not willing to start welcoming events back into their community. Yet, we felt strongly we would be able to deliver a highly secure and safe challenge, and the physical and mental benefits of our Ultra Challenges outweighed the reduced risks our outdoor challenges would present. After months of planning, and liaising with local councils, stakeholders, venues and landowners we were finally granted the relevant permissions to operate our 1st ‘Covid Secure’ challenge of 2020.

1,100 set out from the Henley basecamp, and everyone did incredibly well – with 96% completing their distance. We were pleased to see so many familiar faces and to have been able to provide support throughout.

In order to get the ‘green light’ from the councils & authorities, we’ve had to adapt our model and introduce a range of measures to ensure our event is deemed deemed ‘Covid Secure’ – which has lead to a number of changes to the originally planned event. Some of these challenges are likely to stay for 2021, until the ‘Covid-19 Landscape’ of the UK shifts and changes, others we will develop further to ensure on all events challengers remain safe and secure.

We would also like to say a huge thanks, as the array of Covid risk reduction measures were followed impeccably – and we are pleased to confirm that it was described as a ‘model event’ by the Council officials who visited us on Saturday.

Overall it was a fantastic day and a great showcase for how events like these can operate in 2021 – which will contribute to the well being of all who take part, and hopefully support many of the charities that have seen a complete fall off in fundraising. We hope that all our past & future participants are feeling assured as to how our Ultra Challenges will be run safely & responsibly, and that you will be joining us once again in 2021.

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